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About the Architectural Studio

The Ateliér Brno was established in 1991 by the licensed architect Petr Hrůša.

The company is an independent architectural studio and it focuses solely on the elaborating and delivering of any and all design works, on the complete performance of engineering activities, on architect's supervision by implementation of constructions, on Urban design activities, and also on advisory and consulting activities in the preparation phase of constructions and investments.

When providing its services to foreign investors, the company commonly executes contracts in English and German languages.

The company projects are published in architectural publications, in exhibitions and get awards in the architectural competitions.

The company has permanent professional liability insurance for defects of work and damage up to the amount of CZK 30 million.

Registered agent's liability subject to the Commercial Code to the rules and regulations of the Czech Chamber of Architects /Česká komora architektů/

Registered agent's liability is determined according to the Commercial Code and by Act No. 360/1992 Coll. the profession of authorized architects and internal regulations of the Czech Chamber of Architects.

The Company's Technical Facilities

The company is equipped with high-efficiency computer technology and software for any type of design work and with standard office machinery.

The facilities comprise of IT workstations equipped with high-efficiency CAD software for design work (AutoCad, MicroStation, ArchiCAD).

The Company's Staffing

The work on contracts is secured by 15-20 full-time employees, of whom 3 are licensed architects. Through an exclusive agreement and premises leased directly in the company's registered seat, the company has permanently secured stable cooperation with the following: a structural design office, transportation design engineer's office, design studio specialized in interiors, model-producing studio, studio for visualisation, office specialized in the area of physics relating to construction and energy audits of buildings.

There is a fully equipped copy centre in a rented working area located in the studio's premises.

Our Clients

  • Anect a.s.
  • APIS Praha, a.s.
  • Brno Diocese
  • Blata, s.r.o.
  • Brno Parking, a.s.,
  • CTP Project Invest
  • CTY Group,a.s.
  • ČSAD Praha holding a.s.
  • Dominikánská a.s.
  • ECE Hamburg
  • Fritscher, spol. s.r.o.
  • Fuertes Development, s.r.o.
  • Humanic CZ
  • IKEA Česká republika, s.r.o.
  • Imorent ČR, s.r.o.
  • J & T BANKA, a.s.
  • Komerční banka, a.s.
  • Masaryk university Brno
  • Metrostav a.s.
  • Town Litomyšl
  • Town Pardubice
  • Town Polná
  • Town Slavonice
  • Town Velké Pavlovice
  • Town Veselí nad Moravou
  • City district Brno–Jundrov
  • City district Brno–Komín
  • Moravská stavební – Invest, a.s.
  • The National Heritage Institute
  • Porr (Česko) a.s.
  • Morava river Catchment area, state company
  • PPF
  • Properity s.r.o.
  • Robert Bosch, spol. s r.o.
  • Capuchin Monastery
  • Order of Discalced Carmelites
  • Road and Motorway Directorate of the CR
  • Skanska
  • Prague Castle Administration
  • The Chartered Town of Brno
  • The Chartered Town of České Budějovice
  • Strarez – sport, a.s.
  • Tocháček, spol. s.r.o.
  • Department of Social Services Uherské Hradiště
  • Public Greenery of the City of Brno

Participation in Exhibitions

2016 Jubilee of S.V.U. Mánes, Gallery Diamond, Prague
2015 Architect of Mánes, Gallery S.V.U. Mánes Diamond, Prague
2014 The Municipal House of Brno & guests 2014, Architecture Gallery Brno
2014 The Association of Fine Artists Mánes, Castle Holešov
2013 Grand Prix of the Society of Architects 2013, National Gallery Prague
2012 15th Salon architects and engineers at the Ministry of Culture, Nostic Palace, Prague
2011 Today's Mánes, Diamant Gallery, Prague
2011 New in the Old, Jaroslav Frágner Gallery Prague
2011 Urban Interventions, former city penitentiary Brno
2010 Grand Prix of the Society of Architects 2010, Gallery of Architecture, Brno, National Gallery Prague
2010 Jubilee of S.V.U. Mánes 2010, Petr Hrůša; Diamant Gallery Prague
2009 The Guide to Contemporary Brno Architecture; Architecture Gallery Brno
2008 The Architects of Mánes; Diamant Gallery Prague
2008 Architects at school/in school; the exhibition at the VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava
2007 Famous Villas of the South Moravia Region; the Family House in Podivín, the Country House in Šatov, House of Art Brno
2006 River Gardens, international workshop; Jaroslav Frágner Gallery Prague
2005 Members of the S.V.U. Mánes Society celebrating their personal jubilee in 2005, Petr Hrůša; Diamant Gallery Prague
2004 Grand Prix of the Society of Architects 2004; Architecture Gallery Brno, National Gallery Prague
2004 The Mies van der Rohe Award, European Prize for Architecture;  lapidary of the Bethlehem Chapel and Jaroslav Frágner Gallery Prague
2003 Slovak Association of Architects, Figures in Czech Architecture – Petr Pelčák, Petr Hrůša; authorial exhibition, Bratislava
2002–2003 Un Salon Tcheque á I´lfa; Gallery IFA, Paris
2002 Exhibition by Members of the Brno Municipal House Society; the Architecture Gallery Brno
2001 The exhibition of the S. V. U. Mánes; Prague – Mánes
2001 The Litomyšl and Contemporary Architecture Exhibition; Brno, Prague, Litomyšl
2000 Permanent representation in the contemporary art exposition; the National Gallery, Veletržní palác (Trade Fair Palace) Prague
1999 The City and Region on the Threshold of the 3rd Millennium Symposium; the exhibition of the town planning scheme for České Budějovice, České Budějovice
1999 The FOR ARCH exhibition, the exhibition of works performed by Ateliér Brno; Prague
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