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October 27, 2016prof. Petr Hrůša´s lecture at FA VUT Brno, at 17 pm, at the romm A 118;
September 27, 2016Opening of the Car park in Panenská street
September 09, 2016Exhibition members of S.V.U. Mánes and Canaria travel, which is take place from September 09 to October 30 at the Gallery Diamant.
May 12, 2016Participation in the discussion of Architects CZ on "Architecture - Historism or Neoplam", or the thoughtfulness or radicality of restoration of monuments, is organized by ARCH FOR PEOPLE. They meet: Ladislav Lábus, Petr Hrůša, Marek Štěpán, Pavla Melková, Petr Hájek, Norbert Schmidt.
April, 2016Magazine Stavebnictví - Renovation of Suk Hall in the Rudolfinum Building from the Viewpoint of Spatial Acoustics
March 3, 2016MF Dnes, architect´s forum, P. Hrůša, A. Rujbr and P. Hovořák opinions of the voting new main architecture of Brno
February 12, 2016Exhibition members of S.V.U. Mánes. Gallery Diamant, 12. 2. - 26. 3. 2016.
February 3, 2016The book "Skici/Sketches" by Jano Stempela and Jan Jakub Tesař; Petr Hrůša´s draft page 76 - 79.
January 19, 2016"How to design a city for people" - discussion under Green Tea - guests: M. Ander, O. Okamura, P. Hrůša and other. 19. 1. 2016, 18:30, Bajkazyl Brno - Dornych.
January 1, 2016Reopening of Suk Hall in the Rudolfinum Building renovation by Architekti Hrůša & spol., Ateliér Brno, s.r.o.´s project.
November 11, 2015Interview with Petr Hrůša. Deník Rovnost
October 28, 2015Presentation the equestrian statue on Moravian Square.
September 30, 2015Třeštíci Brno - lecture evening at club Šelepka. Lecturer: Petr Hrůša - Atelier Brno, Chybík + Kryštof Associated Architects, SZABO Interier, Kamil Mrva.
July 15, 2015Opening a part of reconstructed complex Panský Dvůr in Telč.
June 28, 2015Ceremonial opening of Riding School at State Chateau Valtice (more info - Civil constructions).
June 11, 2015The launch of Jaroslav Sládeček´s book "Architects CZ - 20 interviews". Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in Prague at 19:30.
May 5, 2015prof. Ing. arch. Petr Hrůša´s lecture at "Stará Aréna" in Ostrava;
December 18, 2014Petr Hrůša appointment by a professor of architecture.
December, 2014Exhibition: "OBECNÍ DŮM BRNO & HOSTÉ 2014"
November, 2014Petr Hrůša´s lecture on International scientific conferece doctor´s studying at faculty of ČVUT in Prague, 7. 11. 2014. The topic: "Individual living in Czech Republic in European context".
September, 2014

Administrative building Rohan publish in Archiweb

Petr Hrůša was a member of jury of architectural competition "Urban-transport solution of the city Kroměříž".

Interview with Petr Hrůša in Události at ČT 24 to the project: Open Rudolfinum.

July, 2014

I understand of the fear, but do not judge too soon. Brněnský deník, 17. 7. 2014

The horses are returning to the riding hall. Práve, 14. 7. 2014

June, 2014Exhibition at the Chateau in Holešov; Association of Mánes Artists.
May, 2014Laying the foundation stone of the reconstruction of the Riding Hall in Valtice
April, 2014Administrative building Rohan published in yearbook Czech architecture 2012 - 2013; ed. Zdeněk Jiran, publishing Prostor
September 27, 2013Petr Hrůša´s lecture at the Conference "Architecture in perspective 2013, on VŠB - TU Ostrava
September 17, 2013J&T café Elektra publish in Archiweb
May 05, 2013Petr Hrůša was a member of jury of the Architectural competition Town hall and Library in Kardašova Řečice
May, 2013Article: "Avenue in architectonics landscape" by Petr Hrůša in the book "Avenue Bohemian and Moravian landscape" by Markéta and Petra Veličková, publisher Dokořán, 2013.
December 05, 2012Petr Hrůša with artists in the exhibition 15th Salon architects and engineers at the Ministry of Culture, Nostic Palace, Prague
November 08, 2012Petr Hrůša is in the jury Student Prize Arnošt Wiesner, Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering
October 20, 2012J&T Café Elektra in Ostrava in revue on ČT2
October, 2012J&T Bank Café on the archiweb website
September 20, 2012Opening the J&T Café Elektra in Ostrava
June, 2012Administrative Center Triniti building SO 001 reached highest level "Energy Excellence" in the Energy Certification - building energy use audit
March 29, 2012Opening the J&T Bank Café in Brno, in the Triniti Office Center
2012PF 2012
December 20, 2011Piety for Václav Havel at Moravské náměstí
photo Filip Zámorský
November 10, 2011Petr Hrůša is in the jury Student Prize Arnošt Wiesner, Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering
August 25-26, 2011Petr Hrůša is in the jury Young Architect Award competition
June 08, 2011'Urban Interventions' (Městské zásahy) from Ateliér Brno to download here
June 07, 2011Public presentation of our own intervention at the exhibition 'Urban Interventions' (Městské zásahy); The Brno House of Arts - 7 pm
May 26, 2011Opening of the exhibition project 'Urban Interventions (Městské zásahy), the architecture of public space', former city penitentiary, Soudní str. Brno - 7 pm
May 19, 2011Rehabilitation of Studánka park on the archiweb website
May 18, 2011New book 'Green Monuments', Reconstruction of the Brno House of Arts - the project and the implementation presentation, New Stage Theatre, Prague - from 6 pm
April 07, 2011The Trinity Administrative Centre, Brno has taken 2nd place in Façade of the Year 2010 Competition, category New-Building, promoter Baumit
December 2010Pour féliciter 2011
November 09, 2010Article and video about a city of Brno model to the server Dení
October 27, 2010Nostitz Palace - Konírna, Ministry of Culture CR, Prague - re-edition of the book CH. Norberg-Schulz 'Genius Loci' ceremonial introduction, Dokořán Publisher, lecture - Oldřich Ševčík, Václav Cílek and Petr Hrůša
October 09, 2010Building of the Year 2010 Awards Ceremony - Bratislava
October 08, 2010Petr Hrůša's Contribution to 0 year of the new cycle of conferences on urban planning Inventory Urbanism 2010, organized by Department of Urban Planning Faculty of Technical University in Prague, poster here
September 28, 2010Dení ceremonial opening of the reconstructed Studánka Park
September, 2010Reconstruction of the Brno House of Arts nominated for an international competition ECOLA Award 2010 for the use Render/Plaster in Architecture. Other nominated projects here.
September 15, 2010At 3 p.m. - ceremonial opening of the reconstructed Moravian Square
September 09, 2010At 2 p.m. - official unveiling of the statue of Justice on the reconstructed Moravian Square
phogallery here
ČT24 news: Moravian Square already has the first of his four dominants
July 25-31, 2010Petr Hrůša is chairman of the jury "Building of the year 2010" for the Slovak Republic
May 12, 2010Petr Hrůša's contribution to MONUMENTS AND TRAVEL MOVEMENT conference, Rosice u Brna
April, 2010Projects "Reconstruction of the Brno House of Arts" and "The Trinity Administrative Centre, Brno" nominated for an architectural competition Grand Prix of Czech Architects - National prize for architecture 2010
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