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Urban solution Masaryk square in Kroměříž


author: Petr Hrůša
cooperation: David Přikryl
investor: město Kroměříž
project: 2019-2020
visualization: David Přikryl

Text: The newly designed classification of surfaces on Masaryk Square solves both the problems which are shown in problem drawing below (lack of pedestrian area; unconceived traffic solutions taking up too much space) and at the same time trying to give a clear structure to the whole area. This is based on the fact that the area in front of the Judicial Academy was originally a green belt created after the old walls were demolished. Many cities have used this lane in history as a green belt, offering some vegetation and rest space for residents inside the cramped medieval city structure. One example in this respect is Vienna or Brno. Compared to the current situation, the lawn area is thus enlarged and supplemented by trees providing a certain boundary and delimitation of the residential area in an otherwise open urban space. At the same time, the alleys clearly define and frame the view axis on the facade of the Judicial Academy.

Area in front of church sv. John the Baptist has been increased to the maximum by changing the organization of transport (unification of the adjacent road connecting Jánská Street). Otherwise, there is no need to accentuate the space in any way, as in the Academy of Justice, because it has never been in the past and because the church can be seen as a growing part of the historic core. That is why its surroundings, including sidewalks and traffic roads, are united by granite blocks into a uniform surface.

On the Milíčovo Square it is proposed to abolish the green island near the fountain, which is directly in the path of the natural stream of pedestrians and is replaced by a strip of grass with an alley of trees lining the entire space. It is proposed to modify the existing row of mature trees along the street front of houses. The existing fragmented lawn areas will be replaced by cast-iron tree bars at the level of the pavement. This will increase the patency of the area and expand the usable area usable for cafes or restaurants, public benches, etc. The significant slope of the terrain in the southeastern part of the area is solved by leveling the walkable part of this area and sloping up to the green line adjacent to the road.

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