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July 3, 2017The Janáček theatre has been taken over by the builders, they´re going to begin with the repairs. Archiweb
June, 2017

Domini Park in Brno in Stavba magazine 2/17

The Red Army man in Moravian square? It´s possible to work whith it, says the architect Brno Diary, 10.6.2017

Nomination of the Domini Park Multi-storey Car Park in Brno for the Czech Architekcture Prize in 2017

May, 2017The Domini Park Multi-storey Car Park in Brno on Archinfo Slovak server
April 5, 2017Lecture of "History of Anti-space and Building Bunglers" and panel discussion, Jan Kristek and Petr Hrůša. Trojka Café, Dominikánská 9, Brno. 7.p.m.
March 2017

Villa by Brno on Archiweb server

Interview magazine, 3/17; interview whit Petr Hrůša, p. 68-76

February 14, 2017Photo-report: In Rudolfinum today, they opend the Opera + café after a two-year reconstruction
January 2017THIS IS HRŮŠA. This new info-centre was designed by Petr Hrůša for TIC. The Tourist Information Centre (TIC) in the car park in on the Archpace server
January 14, 2017Bridges on the Riviera connect the city world whit nature. The architect had to calculate the static. Brno Diary
2017PF 2017 - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017 from Petr Hrůša & Ateliér Brno
April 02, 2015Exhibition jubilee Manes 2015, Galerie Diamant, Spálená 4, Praha 1
PF 2015
September 17th, 2013J&T Café Elektra on the Archiweb website
May 09, 2013Petr Hrůša is member of the jury for The Townhall and Library in Kardašova Řečice competition
May 07, 2013Petr Hrusa contribution to the book Aleje, Markéta a Petr Veličkovi, Dokořán publ. 2013
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